2018-04-01 11:00


Teaching methodology

Our teachers implement the communicative approach of learning. It focuses mainly on the communicative and listening skills. Our methods of teaching are tailored individually and depend on student's needs and purposes. Out of the many approaches and methodologies available to the foreign language teacher, the Communicative Approach has proven one of the most successful in providing confident learners, who are able to make themselves effectively understood in the shortest possible time. It is therefore the teacher’s responsibility to create situations which are likely to promote communication, and provide an authentic background for language learning (everyday situations).

The Communicative Approach initially prioritizes communicative competence over accurate grammar. Grammar is hidden within the body of a lesson and highlighted and focused upon once the context has been set. Grammar is not considered as the leading part of the teaching process in this method.

We let our students communicate first – and work on their accuracy after.

It is important to remember that as individuals most of us learn a language in order to communicate. And - this is the key!

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