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Polish for foreigners


We offer various Polish Language Courses at all levels. We provide small groups, 60 minutes lessons. The groups are organized basing on age of the students, their level of Polish and their interests! No time to get bored! We have special programmes for foreigners having difficulties with Polish at school! We will explain every task to you and help you to prepare for exams or a class test. We will teach you to speak Polish fluently! No worries - POLISH IS EASY:).


one to one - 75 PLN / 60 min

70 PLN / 60 min if 6 hours per week or more

2 students - 60 PLN/60min/student

3 students - 50 PLN/60 min/student

4 students - 25 PLN / 60 min / student

Certification Courses

The objective of the certification courses is to prepare the participants to take Panstwowy Egzamin Certyfikatowy (the State Certificate in Polish as a foreign language).
These courses are aimed at people who have reached an adequate level of proficiency in Polish. Depending on the exam, this should be level B1, B2 or C2. For more information go to:

We offer a free MOC exam to check the level of proficiency to all those who are interested in taking the exam.
The emphasis of the course is to practise for tackling different exam parts (grammar, writing, reading, speaking and listening).
Therefore, it is not designed to develop your general knowledge of the language but to prepare you to pass the exam and obtain a good grade!!!
You can participate in the certification course and at the same time attend a general course.